Despite its name, the F650 GS is powered by an 800cc twin that turns out plenty of power for spirited performance on the mountain roads. It has a version of the legendary GS suspension that makes it an excellent all-round choice for riding in Mexico. It is exceptionally agile through the turns and yet has ample suspension travel that allows it to keep its composure over any rough spots and the infamous Mexican speed bumps. Our F650 is available in standard or extra low seating (30” uncompressed). 

The F650 GS is also equipped with ABS brakes and an on-board computer which we were initially skeptical of, but now fully appreciate. It’s good to know what’s going on with your bike, and particularly to keep an eye on tire pressure. The dry weight is 377 lbs (171 kg).

Our F650GS also has an aluminum top case and an after-market windshield.

To decide which bike fits you best, we recommend that you visit the showroom at your local BMW dealership.

Alumni Photos featuring the BMW F650 GS

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The Big Issue — Suspension

Riding in Mexico is not the same as riding in the USA, Canada or Europe. To enjoy the country fully we need to leave the toll freeways behind and take the two lane blacktop that winds through the country where regular Mexicans live. These roads offer some predictable "surprises" as we discuss in Riding in Mexico.

All of our bikes have BMW "GS" suspension which provides more road clearance and more suspension travel than any cruiser, sport bike, or touring bike can. It also delivers the agility and stability for carving through the turns. The result is a safer and more confident ride that leaves the rider free to enjoy the country

Our bikes can be configured for our guests with low, standard or tall riding positions.

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