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All of our rides begin and end in the mountain town of Ajijic, a thousand kilometres south of the US border and a thousand north of Guatemala and from there we explore the heart of Mexico in all its variety. We enjoy the beautiful mountain roads full of sweepers and twisties on good two lane blacktop. On most of the days we ride at 4,000' -7,000' above sea level so the climate is cooler and less humid than in the coastal regions - perfect for riding.

All our accommodations are at the upper end of Mexican hotels, not just clean and comfortable but often beautiful. Mexico is world famous for its cuisine and we have searched out many delicious options from fresh seafood and Mexican specialties to bacon and eggs.

The courses are laid out by our veteran Mexico scouts who have had decades of touring experience here and have logged tens of thousands of miles exploring this country's seemingly endless great riding roads. The weather is reliably excellent for riding between November and April and the beautiful vistas will leave you awestruck. All our tours are led by mature, American and Canadian guides who live in Mexico and, where appropriate, are supported by a vehicle to carry luggage and supplies.

Whichever tour you choose you’ll find that the perfect climate, spectacular scenery, great riding, friendly people and the Mexican mystique all add up to an exhilarating experience. No matter how often we ride in Mexico, we still call it "Motorcycle Heaven"

What to expect upon arrival

After being greeted at the international airport in Guadalajara, you will be taken to your accommodations in the charming, cobblestoned town of Ajijic, on the north shore of Lake Chapala, a short ride of just 25 minutes.  We will provide free pick up and returns for flights arriving between 8 am to 8 pm.  

Depending on guest arrival times we often get together to walk through the cobblestone streets of Ajijic to get acquainted with the town and perhaps visit a local restaurant.

Tomorrow morning,  we meet at our tour center at Casa Sierra to complete any administrative matters. You will have the opportunity to get acquainted with your bike and fellow travelers and enjoy a hacienda-style dinner.


What's Included / What's Not

Your tour includes accommodations at the upper end of Mexican hotels with hearty breakfast, motorcycle rental with liability and theft insurance, transportation to and from the Guadalajara airport between 8 am to 8 pm, plus Welcome and Farewell Dinners, two experienced guides and support vehicle with driver (for Into the Heart of Mexico and Adventure Classic Tours).

Not included is airfare, riding helmet/apparel, most lunches and dinners, gasoline, sites, personal spending and tips


14 night vacation; 13.5 touring days
Approx.3,190 kilometers (1,982 miles)

Mexico Coast to Coast (C2C) starts with a ride through curvy mountain roads as we head southwest from Ajijic, passing through the hometown of rock guitar icon Carlos Santana and then checking out some nasty looking crocodiles when we get to the coast.  After a night at a lovely beach hotel near Manzanillo where the movie “10” was filmed, we will ride the Pacific highway southeast along the coast to one of our favorite beach stops, the twin towns of modern Ixtapa and classic Zihuatanejo.  Now turning eastward for our ride across the country we begin our climb into the Sierra Madre del Sur with its welcome cooler atmosphere, twisty roads and scenic mountain towns. The cobblestone streets of the mountain top silver mining and smithing town of Taxco are so narrow and twisty that all the taxis are VW Beetles.  The night time vistas from the outdoor rooftop restaurants are spectacular with strings of lights fanning out across the nearby mountain villages.

We avoid the sprawling Mexico City area (with 21 million people it is the largest in the Western Hemisphere) but we might get a small taste of its traffic as we ride as close as 75 kilometers to its south and onward toward the major colonial city of Puebla where we will begin the descent toward the Gulf of Mexico.  It´s not all downhill from here though.  The terrain becomes more and more spectacular as we work our way through the highest mountains in Mexico, where the volcanic axis intersects with the Sierra Madre Oriental and creates the tallest point in Mexico, the volcanic Pico de Orizaba at 18,406´(5,610m)and its very active volcanic neighbor, Popocatepetl.  In spectacular country like this the destination doesn´t matter – the ride is everything.

First the coffee plantations, then the changing climate tell us we are getting nearer to the Gulf.  The air becomes pleasantly warmer and more humid as we descend into the state of Veracruz, where the conquistador Cortez first came ashore to find the wealthy and sophisticated Aztec civilization.  The Veracruz music also makes a connection for us.  On our ride across the country we have travelled from Carlos Santana´s birthplace to the source of his musical inspiration. Santana has said that when he was 10 years old, the big hit of Ritchie Valens´ (born Valenzuela), La Bamba, which was based on a traditional song of the State of Veracruz, showed him that a Mexican kid could make it on the world stage.

The trip up the Gulf of Mexico coast will give us an opportunity to enjoy some shrimp on the beach and wet our feet in salt water. Then we will visit the ruins of El Tajin, a site inhabited from 5600 BC by increasingly sophisticated civilizations, until it was mysteriously abandoned in the year 1230.  For five hundred years it was a lost city, overgrown by the rain forest (we will be there in dry season but in the month of July alone the rainfall averages over 15”). Now conserved as a United Nations World Heritage site, El Tajin is a wonderful, mystical place to explore on foot.  We will spend the night nearby in the town of Papantla where the spice vanilla was first discovered and used centuries ago by the native people.  The original, true vanilla, made from the seed pod of a unique type of orchid, is still produced here in small quantities for the gourmet market.

Riding westward now, we climb into the Sierra Madre Occidental from near sea level to altitudes over 8,000’. By the end of the day we will be in the spectacular, craggy terrain of the high sierra mining towns where much of the wealth of colonial and early independent Mexico originated in the 18th and 19th centuries. We will explore a cluster of spectacular mountain-top towns where hundreds of Cornish miners migrated to mine huge quantities of silver, bringing with them the industrial revolution and the new sport of soccer (futbol as it is known here). One of the local food specialties is “pastes”, derived from Cornish pasties and another, for the more adventurous, is known as “escamoles” (ant larvae) which is in season in April. Two of these towns have now been designated “Pueblos Magicos” by the Mexican government.

From here we ride northward through the mountains where the vistas are panoramic and seemingly endless and where the sweeping curves will put a smile on every riders’ face.  Near Xilitla, deep in the jungle, we will visit a large and beautiful surrealistic sculpture garden built by a wealthy,  English artist Edward James.

As we head westward again we descend into the rich farmlands that supported the great haciendas and colonial towns where Mexico´s colonial history was built. The prosperous central lowlands of Central Mexico are known as the country´s breadbasket.  This productive area was the starting place for the insurgence that resulted in the independence of Mexico from Spain more than two hundred years ago.  Our last two nights on the road are in Querétaro, a modern city with a beautiful colonial centre, and Guanajuato, one of the most spectacular and strange cities in Mexico where some of the main streets run under the town through abandoned horizontal mine shafts.

The next evening we will be sitting beside the pool at Casa Sierra again, right back where our journey began, saying ¨Wow! Awesome!  What´s next?”

C2C January 7 – 21, 2018
(14 hotel nights, 13 riding days)
Sun (Jan 7) Guests arrive
Mon (Jan 8) Registration, Ride & Welcome Dinner
Tues - Fri (Jan 9-19) Ride
Sat (Jan 20) Ride & Farewell Dinner
Sun (Jan 21) Guests depart

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